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Injection Mold Making Project for Plastic Protective Case

Injection Mold Making Project for Plastic Protective Case. Recently, ACO Mold made a plastic protective case for an electronic product, made by ABS, here we share with you the injection mold making process and some solid experiences to fix sink mark defects. Part size: 138.58*21.01*114.30 mm. Plastic material: ABS. Production volume: 5K.

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2021-8-5 · 2021-8-5 · Mold Manufacturing. At Liberty Molds, we specialize in the manufacture of plastic injection molds for the automotive, medical, and consumer goods industries, and for presses up to 500-ton capacity. Our solid reputation for quality means your mold will work right the very first time and through thousands of cycles.

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Mold. Molds, various molds and tools used in industrial production to obtain the required products by methods such as injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die-casting or forging molding, smelting, and stamping. In short, a mold is a tool used to make molded objects. This tool is composed of various parts, and different molds are composed solid reputation chinese plastic mold manufacturing making in ukraine

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Mold Making in China, export molds to Euro & America.. We have rich experience for plastic injection mold making service, with LKM, HASCO or DME standard, and Specification of Customer requirement. 90% of mold exports to Euro and North America.. Mold Making Service: We are capability for mold making from Class 105 mold for prototyping and low volume runs, to Class 101 mold capable of

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Ji Yang, founded in 1986, is a professional Plastic Injection Mold manufacturing factory. We are specialized in manufacturing various kinds of Plastic Molds Products. Advanced technology and solid management accompanied with continuous innovation have earned high credibility and reliability for us.

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Mould Precision Co., Ltd. is a private plastic mold manufacturer in Dongguan China, focus on plastic injection mold manufacturing, offer Short Lead Time, Cost Efficient and Flexible Payment, in order to Increase Your Competitive in mold market, serves for the industries of Automotive, Electronic, Industrial, Medical and Packing since 2014. You will get good quality & price for:


Leading plastic injection mold and rapid prototyping service manufacturer Djmoldin g is one of the more well-knowm plastic injection molding companies in China.

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In the period of rising manufacturing costs, Chinese mold companies cannot compete on price, but the cost fell sharply restore the ability to compete on price, now they are able to lower product prices, regained the lost business. With the slowdown in domestic economic development, China mold making prices have been shrined for 24 months in row.

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Plastic Injection Mold Making Process. As a good reputation manufacturer in China, Djmolding here share the basic injection mold making process in our company: 1. Products design department provides product information to injection mold design department, injection mold designers complete cost analysis in two working days, and provide to R&D manager.

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2  · professional injection mold manufacturer in China. JMT Mold adhering to the innovation, professional, efficient and win-win mission, to become the pioneer in injection mold industry as a vision, follow the healthy and sustainable development concept, professional technical personnel, professional hardware configuration, professional management system as a basis for customers to create value!